A recent study on the property market reveals that Glen Huntly has become a hotspot for the rich and famous. This is exemplified by the acquisition of the multi-million dollar Glen Huntly early learning centre by an international investor. Although the facility is still in its infancy, it boasts a hefty 84-place licence and 615 square metres of dual level, multi-level space. To cap it all off, the facility is under a 15-year lease with the aforementioned private vendor.

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For starters, the centre is in close proximity to two local primary schools. As such, the centre is the ideal location to foster young minds with the latest and greatest in child-care facilities and educational toys and games. Not only does the centre boast one of the best ratios of children to adults in the state, it is also a short drive from most of Glen Huntly’s affluent neighbours. It is no surprise that the centre was able to attract an impressive roster of clients, some of whom will continue to rely on the center for their child care needs for many years to come. URL : https://pinnacle-elc.com.au/childcare-glen-huntly/

The centre also proves that the aforementioned multi-million dollar purchase is not just a fig. With the addition of a qualified, well-equipped team, the aforementioned institution is set to grow and flourish.

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