The Benefits of Earning Your NACE Inspection Certification

If you’re in the coatings industry and looking for a career path that involves the use of testing NACE equipment, you should consider enrolling in the NACE Inspection Program. The program is a certification program that certifies your ability to inspect coatings on a variety of surfaces. It offers a variety of certifications, including general coating inspection, special categories such as nuclear coatings, and marine, bridge, and other specialty areas. There are also various ways to earn your certification, including online courses and an optional DVD set.

Among the many certifications you can earn, NACE inspectors are highly skilled at inspecting coatings on different structures. This includes pipelines, refineries, and water tanks. They can also inspect military installations, nuclear power plants, natural gas plants, wastewater treatment plants, and shipyard structures. NACE inspectors can also inspect underground structures. Because underground structures are difficult to access and maintain, it may take longer to detect problems. So it’s essential to have a qualified professional inspecting these materials.

There are many benefits of NACE inspections. For one, NACE inspectors provide a proven and traceable record for their findings. The inspections are carried out using statistical and proven methods. And they’re available onshore and offshore projects alike. These inspectors ensure that a coating’s quality is not compromised. They also make sure that the underlying material won’t corrode. Ultimately, NACE inspectors ensure that projects won’t cause structural collapse, equipment failure, or other dangerous conditions.

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