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The construction of a MUGA pitch varies, depending on its use and type. Types 1 and 2 are constructed with open-graded, frost-resistant macadam or free-draining stone. The base and surface course should be applied in two layers, with an average compacted depth of 40mm and 25mm, respectively. The aggregate size should be at least 10mm. Find out –

Here Are Some Tips For The Installation Of A MUGA Pitch

MUGA pitches are ideal for schools and other organisations with a large number of pupils or members. They are great for multiple sporting events and provide a uniform playing surface. They also make an excellent outdoor playground for children of all ages. MUGA pitches are suitable for a variety of sports and can be divided into two or more sections, depending on the sport or event being played. This allows for a variety of different activities on a single surface, and it is also ideal for small spaces.

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